Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Time Draws Near

The time is drawing near
When I will have to let you go.
It weighs heavy on my heart
Like lead to my grieving soul.

Lately I've been successful
At distracting myself from tears.
But as your departure looms ever closer
And the day is almost here

I find that just below the surface
My emotions are bubbling up
Sending tiny daggers of desperation
But at the same time, gasps of hope.

You are going to where God is leading
He is ordering your every move
You, dear child, are an intrical part
Of what God will one day do.

As much as it pains me to let you go
To hand you off to another
As much as I want you to stay in my arms,
To be your forever mother.

I can't be selfish and keep you away
From what God has called you to
For I only want the best for you
And nothing less than God's best will do.

You are special, little blessed one,
I've known it from the beginning.
There's a light in your eyes, a sparkle, a promise
Of the hope that you'll one day be giving.

As our time together begins to wind it's way down
I know what it is I will do.
I will pray over you and hug you close 
And thank my God for blessing me with you.

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