Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I've already gotten his clothes out, ready to pack. His books have been packed for a few days. All I have left are his toys and a few odds and ends scattered around the house to gather and stuff in a box. Instead of doing this, though, I am sitting in my chair in the den waiting on the edge of my seat for enough time to pass so I can go get him out of his crib without waking him up from his nap. I need to hold him one last time. I need to smell him, rub his soft skin, kiss his forehead... I need to soak up what I can because in an hour or two, all I will have left are the memories from the last 11 months. I will never again hold him as if he were my own.

My heart lies in shards around me. Although I knew this day was coming, all I can feel is devastation. All I know is the deep ache inside of me that longs for my baby. The panic alarm inside of me is growing louder by the second. 

But even as the storm rages inside of me, I know that there is a still, small voice whispering, "Come to me, all you who are heavy laden... I will give you rest." I cling to that voice, that promise, that hope. There is no other alternative, for I cannot bear this on my own. 

Abba Father,
As my world falls apart, remind me of my calling.
As I call out in my despair, remind me of the hope that I have in You. 
As I stand among the broken pieces of what once was, remind me of the broken nature of this ministry. 
As I grieve for a child who will no longer call me 'Mama,' remind me of the terror that birth parents feel as their child is taken away. 
As I pick myself back up to continue walking down this road you have set before me, remind me that You are the healer of all broken things. 
As I cry in desperation, remind me that You know my heart and soul to a depth that I will never understand and You love me still. 
As I wake up tomorrow to a new wave of grief, remind me that You are the source of my strength. 
Lord God, remind me of Your power, Your love, Your sacrifice. Remind me of Your grace. For without it... Without YOU... I am nothing. 


  1. Erin my heart hurts for you right now. Praying for his peace and love that surpasses all understanding fill you.

  2. Know that you have been (and are) in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to cling to the Father and let Him hold your heart.