Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the Wake of Tragedy

I am having a hard time watching the news. This happens every time a tragedy hits that involves a school, teachers, students. I wasn't able to watch the footage of the most recent school shooting. Now I cannot bring myself to watch the new coverage of the Oklahoma tornados. Why? Part of it is the fact that I tend to become hyper focused on things like this and they seem to take over my life. Another part is that I usually struggle with survivor's guilt. It could have been me. It could have been us. How can I continue to live my comfortable life when someone else's life has just been ripped apart and changed forever? I can't continue to go on with day to day activities... I need to be there helping. In the midst of the pain and suffering... Trying to make things better. 

Because of this, I have made the conscious decision to not purposefully watch news coverage of this tragedy. I know what's happening. I grieve for those who have lost so much in such a violent act of nature. I pray for the families who have lost everything and especially for those who have lost loved ones. 

But these types of situations always make me start thinking... What would I do if this were happening here? What if it was my school that was threatened by a gunman who wanted to take the lives of my students? What if it were me and my students huddled in a hallway listening as the tornado approached and threw our lives into chaos and terror? I can tell you what I would do... I can tell you what ANY teacher would do... We would fight for those who look to us for protection. I would throw myself in the line of fire to save the life of a child. I would shelter those students that God has placed in my care, even if it meant that my life would be at risk. And I would pray. Hard.

As this school year comes to an end, marred by such an incomprehensible tragedy just a few hours drive away, I ponder the calling that has been placed on my life. The calling to teach. The calling to protect. The calling to love. And I thank God for it. I thank Him that He chose me for this. He called me to be a teacher. I love it and it defines part of who I am.

So here is the challenge that I am laying out there. I will take it on... Will you?

**Pray with your child for their teacher(s) every night.**

How much more respect and admiration will our children show to their teachers if they're praying for them daily? How much strength and confidence will our children's teachers feel if they know that they are being lifted up to the Father everyday by the ones they have been called to teach? How amazing will it be to see our children learn to lift up the people that God has placed in positions of authority over them? How incredible will it be when our children begin to see the results of their answered prayers??

We will be starting tomorrow at my house. Join us.


  1. I canNOT tell you how much it meant to me when I sat in a parent conference and was told about a child's prayers for me and how those parents were faithful to pray for me with their children every morning on the way to school.

  2. our church has been working to support a local school and just in the last couple of weeks have taken on praying for the teachers individually by name and for the school and children in general